EC: WIN-911 Enterprise (2.15.6)

Software - Alarm management: WIN-911 Enterprise is remote alarm notification software designed to work with control or SCADA software. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Honorable Mention.

October 15, 2015

WIN-911 is the most widely utilized remote alarm notification software for automation and process control solutions, informing key personnel of important process variable deviations. It supports integration with major HMI, SCADA, DDE and OPC connections to provide a monitoring solution trusted by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies at over 10,000 facilities.

WIN-911 supports numerous key remote alarm notification methods: two-way email, VOIP, two-way SMS text messaging, and Mobile-911, an integrated smartphone application. Available across five different platforms—including Microsoft Windows, Android, and iPhone—WIN-911 leverages the widespread use of mobile devices, enabling information to be both pushed to key personnel as necessary and pulled on demand from the field. Relaying secure acknowledgement to the SCADA platform is readily available for operators and engineers.

WIN-911 Enterprise edition, the newest offering from WIN-911, introduces a revolutionary concept: strategic notification. This patent-pending approach allows operators to easily configure and adjust the escalation scheme of alarm notifications. Moreover, this logic can be rewired in response to dynamic changes in an organization, further reducing system maintenance. Customizable tactics and strategies, capable of re-notifying recipients under specific time and logic conditions, ensure an optimal alarm notification solution.

WIN-911 Enterprise edition boasts a modular architecture, designed around the latest technologies, providing customers with unprecedented reliability, security, flexibility, and performance. This modularity allows users to focus on relevant modules and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs, expanding the system as their operations grow. It additionally enables distribution of key modules across a local network, keeping critical servers dedicated to SCADA and providing the security of layered networking. A browser-based user interface, adaptable to different languages and cultures, allows the system to be configured from anywhere on the local network or beyond.

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