Employee retention: Partnership simplifies labor management integration with warehouse software

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff February 23, 2009

Cadre Technologies says it is making managing warehouse operations even more cost-effective by offering new labor management capabilities, training, and consulting. Via partnership with Tom Zosel Associates ( TZA ), Cadre is integrating TZA’s ProTrack labor management software with Cadre’s Cadence warehouse management system.
“Labor management has become a base requirement for running a cost-effective distribution operation because labor costs account for 50 percent to 65 percent of a company’s total distribution spending,” says Paul Schweet, VP, TZA. “In fact, we’ve found that when warehouses aren’t using labor management software, costs are typically 25 percent to 40 percent higher.”
TZA ProTrack accurately calculates work duration, tracks associate time against standards, and provides proactive management tools. The result is real-time data, giving management the information they need to make decisions quickly, enabling potential labor savings of 25 to 40 percent.
With the addition of TZA’s ProTrack to Cadence, Cadre’s customers can increase productivity and employee retention and reduce labor costs while gaining substantial savings in operating costs.
“Cadre’s dedication to improving our customers’ bottom lines will always be a priority,” says Joe Caston, CEO, Cadre Technologies. “Our collaboration with TZA allows us to enhance our warehouse management software with labor management tools that track labor costs, letting companies do more by driving efficiency into their workforce.”