Global response: Vendor alliance blends logistics and trade management capabilities

JDA Software Group, Inc. says an alliance with a supplier of trade management applications has produced a solution that will help companies get the most out of their globalization strategies.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff February 21, 2008

JDA Software Group, Inc . says an alliance with a supplier of trade management applications has produced

The alliance calls for JDA to link its transportation and logistics management offering with the Global Trade Management software suite from Management Dynamics .

“The partnership between JDA Software and Management Dynamics will help companies implement best-in-class global supply chain processes to realize the full potential of low-cost country sourcing and profitably expand to new export markets,” said Jim Preuninger, Management Dynamics CEO. “Through our combined expertise, the Global Trade Management solutions will deliver key capabilities for trade compliance to help companies succeed in their global efforts.”

Chris Koziol, COO of JDA Software, says research from analyst firms exposed the need for this joint solution. “The analyst research supports what we have been seeing across our key verticals: companies must move beyond traditional, manual processes to manage global trade and look for holistic solutions that address the needs of both international and domestic supply chains,” Koziol says.ent planning and execution capabilities, customers will realize improved service levels and profit margins as they’re able to reduce inventory levels and associated expenses.” 

Dwight Klappich, a VP with Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner , says the solution addresses a real market need.ively exploit globalization.”

Management Dynamics’ Global Trade Management (GTM) suite is comprised of modules for trade planning, supply management, export and import compliance, trade agreement management, supply chain visibility and performance management.

JDA Software’s Transportation & Logistics Management solution covers the entire closed-loop transportation & logistics process—from strategic logistics sourcing, planning and optimization, to shipment visibility and event management, to payment and performance analysis.

Koziol says the integrated offering from JDA Software and Management Dynamics addresses many of the challenges that companies face today to align operational capabilities with increasingly global business strategies. The integrated solution offers the following capabilities: