Hardened version of Accelnet servo drive

Panel-mounted drive suites extreme industrial environments with extended temperature, humidity, shock ranges.

By Control Engineering Staff April 2, 2008

Copley Controls has launched a hardened version of the panel-mounting Accelnet servo drive to meet military and extreme industrial environments. Extended temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock ranges provide security in non-extreme applications. Series R20 provides networking and stand-alone motion control for brush and brushless motors, and direct drive linear motors and actuators. R20 drives deliver up to 3.200 kW peak power, are available for operating voltages 55 V, 90 V, and 180 V, and deliver 9 A, 18 A, and 36 A peak currents. The drives’ wide span of Command, Encoder Feedback, and Communications interfaces allow a single-drive model to work in different systems. Control modes include indexing, point-to-point, and PVT (position, velocity, and torque control), plus electronic camming and gearing.
Copley Controls

–edited by Renee Robbins, senior editor, Control Engineering Daily News Desk