How Industry 4.0 is evolving and fostering innovation, growth

Industry 4.0 is bringing technology, people and processes closer together and is continuing to bring power to the worker as the next generation of manufacturing begins. See video.

By Chris Vavra October 18, 2023
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology

Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and more have been driving and fostering change in manufacturing the last several years. This has created a lot of uncertainty as the old models are being augmented and/or replaced by new concepts designed to improve automation and efficiency. It’s also leading many companies to see this new era, Industry 4.0 or the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as a way to bring new life to old systems and concepts.

Sunil Pandita, VP and GM of cybersecurity and connected industries at Honeywell, highlighted this transformation and what it means for manufacturers in a video interview from Honeywell Connect in Dallas.

Pandita also discussed how innovation has fostered and encouraged changes for the better in manufacturing. He also discussed how Industry 4.0, which was about giving power to the machines, is already giving way to Industry 5.0, which is about bringing back power to the worker. He explains the process is underway and this gradual change to a new normal is bringing many exciting changes to manufacturers.

“Giving the power to the machines was a necessary step. It didn’t lead to business outcomes,” Pandita said about Industry 4.0. “It’s the 5.0 that is going to convert this digitization to real business outcomes. The 4 and 5 are already blending together.”

Author Bio: Chris Vavra is web content manager for CFE Media and Technology.