Inspection and repair program for gas analyzers

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc.'s Fast-N-Easy Inspection and Repair Program features a streamlined repair process.

By Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc. July 5, 2017

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc. announced the Fast-N-Easy Inspection and Repair Program for its VIASENSOR gas analyzers.  This new program simplifies the inspection and repair process, allowing customers to improve turnaround times on inspections and repairs.

QED’s process for the Fast-N-Easy Inspection and Repair Program was developed with customer input. At the time customers request a return authorization, they are quoted a flat-rate repair fee based on the analyzer model. Once the customer has issued a purchase order for that flat-rate fee and sent the analyzer to QED, QED will inspect, repair, calibrate, test and finally ship the original analyzer back.

The Fast-N-Easy flat-rate fee allows QED to include several extras, such as a complimentary water trap kit and a replacement shipping box, if needed. The most common replacement parts, labor and return shipping charges (second-day air shipment to U.S. only) are included in the flat-rate fee, a process improvement designed to eliminate additional charges and delays. The Fast-N-Easy Program covers about 90 percent of all typical repairs, so a custom, quote-based process will still be used for less common repairs.

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