Interface for lean image processing, data transfer

Basler's BCON ensures image data transfer and offers flexibility to enable lean image processing and connects to technology based on low voltage differential signaling (LVDS).

By Basler March 30, 2016

Basler’s BCON interface enables the lean image processing through flexible and cost-saving attributes while connecting to technology that is based on low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS). While LVDS describes a standardized interface for high-speed data transfer, BCON ensures image data transfer and offers flexibility. In addition, field programmable gate array (FPGA) boards and system on chips (SoCs) can be connected. BCON also provides conditions for cost savings in setup and operation of vision systems. Dart cameras can be used with an embedded processing board. Input and output signals, as well as power supply can be combined in a single flat flex cable. BCON also enables to switch from one dart camera to another without additional integration costs or effort. 


Basler AG – Computer Vision Expert

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