IoT group rebrands, shifting focusing toward marketplace maturity

The IIC has changed its name to the Industry IoT Consortium as the group's focus shifts to driving technology innovation and helping companies realize a return on their IIoT investments.

By Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) August 17, 2021

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced a new direction and a new name – Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) to help expand its mission to transforming business and society by accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The consortium’s new mission is to bring transformative business value to organizations, industry, and society by accelerating the adoption of trustworthy IoT systems. The group’s focus will drive technology innovation that fosters business transformation so that organizations can realize a return on their IoT investments.

“We recognized the need to focus on technology deployments to solve technical problems,” said Dr. Richard Soley, executive director, Industry IoT Consortium in a press release. “We’re applying technology to address customer pain points and improve business results. Industry organizations and technology providers turn to IIC and its members for IoT support and guidance. Now we’ll guide them on the application of IoT technology and digital transformation enablers to achieve positive business outcomes.”

New programs, which combine several approaches to digital transformation, will identify customer pain points, improve go-to-market abilities, and enhance business outcomes. Existing programs will change to reflect this focus, and new initiatives will emerge to help members reach more of their customers.

IIC will continue its work on best-practice frameworks, innovative testbeds, and providing standards requirements to standards development organizations. It will also target IT, networks, manufacturing, energy & utilities, healthcare markets, and academia & research.

The IIC will help organizations identify best technology practices, build credible brands and grow their businesses.

– Edited from an IIC press release by CFE Media. The IIC is a CFE Media content partner.