Lightweight tabletop robot has 6.6 lb payload and 360 degree joint rotation

Universal Robots' UR3 robot is designed to operate in harsh environments with toxic or hazardous materials and features a 360-deg rotation on all wrist joints. The compact tabletop robot weighs only 24.3 lb and a payload of 6.6 lb.

By Universal Robots March 17, 2015

Universal Robots’ UR3 robot is designed for applications that span from manufacturing industries from medical devices to circuit boards to
electronic components and is designed to work in environments with toxic or hazardous materials. The compact tabletop robot weighs only 24.3 lb, but has a payload of 6.6 lb, 360-deg rotation on all wrist joints, and infinite rotation on the end joint.

The UR3 has 15 advanced, adjustable safety settings. One of these is the force sensing that enables the UR3 to limit the forces at contact if the robot collides with an employee. The robot can pick up screws and mount and tighten them applying the correct torque. In gluing applications the UR3 can dose exactly the same amount of glue with constant and steady pressure along a narrowly defined path.

The UR3 features 0.1 mm repeatability and can follow the outline of a surface-such as the aluminum edge around a smartphone-by "feel" rather than through the programming of precise movements and coordinates, which otherwise would require more than 100 data points programmed into the application. Other features include improved force control and a motherboard with faster boot-up to reduce loading and wait times.

Universal Robots 

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