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Machine vision industry growth expected in 2019

The machine vision industry, coming off a strong 2018, will see continued growth throughout 2019 as major changes, largely driven by technology and economic advances.
By AIA February 10, 2019
Courtesy: CFE Media

The machine vision market is projecting strong growth and innovation in 2019 after coming off of a record-setting year in 2018. In terms of market growth, 2018 proved to be an explosive year, seeing 17% growth in Q1 and Q2 over 2017 during the same time period.

While year-end growth in 2018 was lower than most projections at 7%, this level of growth was still a record for the industry. Growth was primarily driven by sales of machine vision cameras, smart cameras, and application-specific machine vision (ASMV) technologies. Undeniably, 2018 was one of the strongest years yet for the machine vision market, and now 2019 is shaping up to be just as strong.

The industrial market for 2019

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) believes the economy and all manufacturing sectors will grow throughout 2019. New orders, production, and employment are all projected to grow. Also, supplier deliveries are moving at a slower rate than previous years and backlogs will continue to grow. Raw materials inventories are increasing; customers’ inventories are too low. Prices are stabilizing while exports and imports are growing.

All of these factors combined paint a picture of a robust industrial sector in 2019, which leads the AIA to forecast slightly slower, but still strong, machine vision market growth around 3 to 5% for 2019.

Machine vision industry growth drivers in 2019

One of the primary drivers of growth in 2019 will be the continued adoption of Industrie 4.0 technologies. For smart, connected manufacturing, businesses need a wealth of production data. Often, this data comes from machine vision cameras on the factory floor, either set up to collect valuable product data or embedded within production machines.

In addition to adopting Industrie 4.0 technology, the marketplace will be changing, driving further growth. There will be more suppliers, creating more choices and more decisions for manufacturers. Traditional machine vision suppliers are being disrupted by new players in the market who are experience fewer barriers, especially for components like cameras, lighting, optics/filters, and even embedded computers.

The machine vision industry will see strong growth throughout 2019, partially driven by a strong economy and industrial sector, and partially driven by major changes occurring within the industry.

This article originally appeared in Vision Online. AIA is a part of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), a CFE Media content partner. Edited by Chris Vavra, production editor, CFE Media,

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