MESA smart manufacturing model to detail 8 areas

The MESA International “Model for Smart Manufacturing” intends to cover business intelligence, product lifecycle management (PLM), value chain management, manufacturing operations, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), asset management, workforce and cybersecurity. MESA told Control Engineering how it will help.

By Brandy Richardson April 28, 2020

Smart manufacturing will get an operations management boost from MESA International. MESA’s knowledge committee chairman Khris Kammer, told Control Engineering (CFE Media and Technology) how “The Model for Smart Manufacturing” intends to help, as it covers eight intersecting areas: Business intelligence (BI), product lifecycle management (PLM), value chain management, manufacturing operations, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), asset management, workforce and cybersecurity. 

Kammer said the intent is to describe in detail the functionality provided by each dimension, as well as the interaction between them that makes for a complete Smart Manufacturing environment. We will emphasize the real-world benefits offered by integration of these functions, with descriptions of supporting technology and actual examples of the functionality in action.” 

Goal of smart manufacturing model 

The model intends to be low-cost and high value and will focus on how modern technology makes them “smart,” Kammer said. It also will briefly explain the history of the eight functions for context. 

MESA’s goal is to help “industry understand and adopt the vision of Smart Manufacturing rapidly, with minimal cost and maximum benefit. The new model will build on existing and similar frameworks and standards, so that practitioners can advance their current state while taking advantage of the newest and most progressive techniques available,” Kammer said. “We are working with (and seeking) practitioners that have experience and expertise in one or more of the dimensions listed.” 

Those wishing to participate in creation and vetting of the Smart Manufacturing model should become MESA members and contact the executive director, Brandy Richardson. 

MESA models, smart manufacturing 

MESA has published various models on manufacturing execution and operations space, as well as enterprise-level strategic initiatives and business operations, including the honeycomb model (See figure) 

MESA’s various models have been referenced in many publications, textbooks, and requests for proposals.  

“MESA continues to evolve and, today, is at the heart of the industry’s drive toward Smart Manufacturing. The development of the Smart Manufacturing model is a valuable next step and MESA is well positioned to be the home of that model, Kammer explained in the March 30 MESA announcement.  

Due to social distancing guidelines, working meetings will be held virtually throughout the year, according to the organization, based in Chandler, Ariz., near Phoenix.  

What is MESA? 

MESA stands for Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association. The global, not-for-profit community of manufacturers, producers, industry leaders and solution providers focus on improving operations management capabilities through application of information technologies, IT-based solutions, and best practices. MESA: 

  • Enables members to connect, contribute, cultivate understanding, and exchange strategies to drive operations excellence. 
  • Collects, shares, and publishes best practices and guidance to drive greater productivity and the overall profitability of the manufacturing enterprise. 
  • Educates the marketplace on manufacturing operations best practices through the MESA Global Education Program. 

Also from MESA International: See a COVID-19 MESA YouTube video roundtable.  

Brandy Richardson is executive director, MESA International, a CFE Media content partner. Edited by Mark T. Hoske, content manager, Control EngineeringCFE Media, 

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MESA International is collaborating with experts to develop a smart manufacturing model. 

Smart manufacturing model intends to include BI, PLM, manufacturing operations, IIoT, cybersecurity and other areas.   


How can manufacturing get smarter? 

Author Bio: Brandy Richardson is executive director, MESA International.