Miniature pressure transducers thrive in high-temperature applications

New series of piezoresistive sensors from Endevco accurate in constant duty up to 500 °F.

By Peter Welander October 20, 2009

Piezoresistive pressure sensor from Endevco.

Endevco’s miniature high-sensitivity piezoresistive transducers can be configured to measure absolute static or dynamic pressure in a variety of difficult and high-temperature applications.

The company says the new 8540 series uses MEMS sensor technology that exhibits excellent linearity and very high resonance, plus full-scale output to 300 mV.

Internal sensitivity compensation and zero trim provide accuracy to +500 °F (+260 °C) with short duration operations in temperatures up to +600 °F (+316 °C). In addition, this transducer series exhibits low photo-flash sensitivity and high stability during temperature transients. Available in ranges from 0-15 psia to 0-500 psia, the series features a 0.15 in. (3.8 mm) face diameter, which facilitates flush mounting for skin pressure measurements on aircraft, inlet distortion pressures in turbines, or transmission pressures in automobiles. Transducers are supplied with integral cable.


-Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor,,
Control Engineering Process Instrumentation & Sensors Monthly
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