Multi-function terminal for IO measurement applications

Beckhoff's EL3751 EtherCAT Terminal is a high-precision input/output (I/O) for measurement applications designed to provide high-end measurement technology as part of the standard I/O system.

By Beckhoff Automation May 30, 2016

Beckhoff’s EL3751 EtherCAT Terminal is a high-precision input/output (I/O) for measurement applications. At 10,000 samples per second, a measurement accuracy of ±0.01% and 24-bit resolution, the EL3751 with extreme fast control technology (XFC) is designed to provide high-end measurement technology as part of the standard I/O system. Added to this is long-term stability, flexible filter configurations (e.g. band stop), and extensive parameterization options for the analog input, which supports the measurement functions U, I, R, DMS (strain gauge) and RTD.

The EL3751 1-channel EtherCAT Terminal for analog measurement technology combines high measurement accuracy: ±0.01% of the full scale value for most interfaces, at 25 C (±5 C), with a high sampling rate of up to 10,000 samples per second and 24-bit resolution. Other features include long-term hardware stability through pre-aging, as well as extensive configuration options for the nominal measuring range of the input channel. Optionally, the measured data can be transmitted to higher-level automation devices with oversampling. The integrated distributed clocks are designed to ensure synchronized sampling.

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