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Learn about mechatronics from these online videos.
By Control Engineering Staff March 13, 2008

Because mechatronics involves motion, video can be the best medium for learning about mechatronics solutions. Control Engineering ’s educational video portal, CEtv, is the place to find videos from users, designers and automation suppliers. Visit to see the following videos, new as of March 2008, or use the links provided below.

Thought-controlled wheelchair

. The Audeo is a human-computer interface for communication. The brain’s signals are translated into commands that control a wheelchair without the need for physical motor control or speech production. Source: National Instruments

Kinematic calculations on the fly

. While the ultimate goal is motion in a three-dimensional environment, that’s not the “natural” dimensional space for a robot, which operates with generalized coordinates (axis motion). Delta robots require complex kinematic calculations. Source: Bosch Rexroth and Control Engineering

Motion in minutes .

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