Power converters with conformal coating

Converters featuring conformal coating for protection in harsh environments.

By Phoenix Contact August 26, 2021

The Quint dc/dc converters from Phoenix Contact feature conformal coating for protection in harsh environments. The conformal coating protects against dust and conductive debris, corrosive gases, and humidity, and it prevents failures due to creepage currents and electromechanical corrosion. It also reduces the risk of failure due to vibration and thermal shock. The dc/dc converters can amplify, isolate, and convert voltage, and they also allow for the creation of an independent supply system. Their output side enables easy expansion and a reliable heavy load startup. The dc/dc converters are available in both 5- and 10-A versions. The selected components in these converters are not only high in quality, but have an operating temperature ranging from -40 to 70°C. 


Phoenix Contact 


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