Programmable dc electronic load models

B&K Precision's four programmable dc electronic load models with operating voltages ranges up to 500 V and provide adjustable current slew rate as well as a built-in battery and LED test mode functions.

By B&K Precision October 11, 2015

B&K Precision’s four programmable dc electronic load models: 8610, 8612, 8614, and 8616, have operating voltage ranges up to 500 V and have power ranges from 250 W to 1500 W. They are capable of sinking up to 240 A for high current applications. All models provide adjustable current slew rate, fast transient operation speeds up to 25 kHZ, and feature built-in battery and LED test mode functions. They are designed for testing and evaluating DC power supplies, dc-dc converters, batteries, LED drivers, and photovoltaic arrays. All models can operate in constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance, and constant power modes. The expanded units continue to provide transient, list, and automatic test functions for more complex loading profiles of varying load levels, switching times, and operation modes. An I/O terminal is featured for external triggering, input On/Off control, voltage fault monitoring, remote sense, and external analog current control and monitoring. A current monitor BNC output provides continuous monitoring of the dc loads’ input current level.

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