System Integrator Giants 2019

CFE Media announces the 2019 System Integrator Giants

By Bob Vavra December 11, 2018

Three new companies joined the 2019 System Integrator Giants list in a year when most of the world’s top 100 integration companies saw overall business growth.

Andritz Automation in Decatur, Ga., joined the SI Giants list for the first time at the #3 ranking, reporting $202 million in SI revenue. Two international companies: Australian-based SAGE Automation and Canadian integrator JMP Solutions jumped on to the list in the ninth and tenth positions.

Top-ranked Leidos reported SI revenues of $369.4 million in 2018, up about $1.5 million from 2017. In second place, Wood made the biggest dollar jump of the year, going from $205 million to $353 million in the year.

That was the hallmark for a year in which the top 100 global integration firms reported revenues of just under $3 billion ($2.993 billion to be exact) and the 100th ranked firm, Advanced Integration Group, had revenues of $2.1 million, about the same as a year ago.

There were 16 new entrants to the System Integrator Giants list, and 14 Giants were located outside of the U.S. including Serbia, Turkey, Russia and Brazil.

For most of this year’s Giants, the business of system integration is their primary focus. There were three-quarters of all SI Giants reported that more than half of their business was integration, while 21% reported that it was their only business. Overall, the overall gross revenue for the integrators and their parent companies topped $27.7 billion. As manufacturing continues to expand in 2019, we expect system integration to be at the core of that expansion, delivering on the promise of automation and robotics while providing a valuable service for small and mid-sized manufacturers looking to grow.

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Author Bio: Bob is the Content Manager for Plant Engineering.