System integrator named platinum partner of Rockwell

Dick Ciammaichella of RoviSys discusses the different tiers of partnerships with Rockwell Automation and the benefits of platinum.

By Tyler Wall December 12, 2022
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology

Since 1991, Dick Ciammaichella, director of chemical specialty chemicals division of RoviSys, has been maintaining a system integrator (SI) partnership with Rockwell Automation and the company has been designated as a platinum partner. The partnership platform has four different designations: Bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The platinum partnership in an invite-only tier.

“I think that Rockwell chose us to come to the table based on our long-term support of both Rockwell and their customers and especially partnering with the distributors and technology partners,” said Ciammaichella.

RoviSys is the largest integrator in the platinum partner program and have generated 600,000 pieces of Rockwell content in the past year. The platinum partners are hand-picked by Rockwell Automation and receive access to Rockwell’s product roadmap and can play a hand in what happens with each product. The products that platinum partners deliver also get extended warranties.

Tyler Wall, associate editor, CFE Media and Technology,

Author Bio: Tyler Wall is an associate editor for CFE Media and Technology