Top 5 Control Engineering articles September 18-24: Differential pressure flowmeters, choosing sensors, IoT evolution, more

Articles about differential pressure flowmeters, choosing sensors, planning for IoT's evolution, digital manufacturing, and a safe autonomous robot were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from September 18-24. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra September 25, 2017

The top 5 most read articles online, from Sept. 18-24 for Control Engineering, covered differential pressure flowmeters, choosing sensors, planning for IoT’s evolution, digital manufacturing, and a safe autonomous robot. Links to each article below.

1. Square root scaling for differential pressure flowmeters

The square root for differential pressure-(DP-) based flow can be taken either in the transmitter or in the controller and its easier to configure the transmitter to take the square root because, on the low end, a very small change in DP results in a large change in flow. 

2. Choosing sensors for the application: Answers to audience questions

The Control Engineering RCEP webcast, “Choosing sensors for the application,” resulted in more questions than speakers had time to answer in the allotted time. Here each speaker provides more answers.

3. Planning for the evolution of the IoT

Companies looking to take the next step in the Internet of Things (IoT) need to evolve from a company that uses IoT-enabled products, to becoming an IoT-enabled organization, and become a system of systems for gathering all relevant information from their sensors to better manage data.

4. Doubling down on digital manufacturing

One company’s journey to IIoT started before the concept had a name.

5. Autonomous robot designed to keep pace with humans safely

Engineers at MIT have designed an autonomous robot with socially aware navigation that is designed to keep pace with foot traffic while observing these general codes of pedestrian conduct.

The list was developed using CFE Media’s web analytics for stories viewed on, September 18-24, for articles published within the last two months.

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