Top 5 Control Engineering articles September 25 to October 1: Differential pressure flowmeters, choosing sensors, IoT evolution, more

Articles about a greenfield plant, securing your automation system, open- and closed-loop control, IoT and maintenance, and IIoT's acceptance in manufacturing were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from September 25 to October 1. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra October 2, 2017

The top 5 most read articles online, from Sept. 25 to Oct. 1 for Control Engineering, covered a greenfield plant, securing your automation system, open- and closed-loop control, IoT and maintenance, and IIoT’s acceptance in manufacturing. Links to each article below.

1. Anatomy of a greenfield plant

In March 2017, HarbisonWalker International (HWI) announced plans to build a $30 million manufacturing plant in South Point, Ohio, near Interstate 64 and along the Kentucky/Ohio border. In building a new facility, location and process improvements both mattered.

2. Four steps to secure an automation system from potential threats

Companies looking to secure their automation system need to define their architecture and assets, assess the site, implementing a security plan, and consistently review their assets for potential threats.

3. Open- vs. closed-loop control in fluid power applications

Fluid power applications are complex. It can be a challenge to choose between an open- or closed-loop design; both have advantages and disadvantages. See table.

4. How IoT promises to enable better product maintenance for manufacturers

By staying continuously connected, manufacturers are transforming the way they support and maintain their products.

5. Survey indicates IIoT is accepted by a majority of companies

A study by Zebra Technologies and Peerless Insights found that almost two-thirds of manufacturers expect to be fully connected by 2022 and that wearable technologies will be used by over half of manufacturers by then as companies look to become safer and more technologically savvy.

The list was developed using CFE Media’s web analytics for stories viewed on, September 25 to October 1, for articles published within the last two months.

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