U.S. manufacturing technology consumption continues to grow

By Control Engineering Staff June 27, 2006

Rockville, MD— U.S. manufacturing technology consumption is up 18.5% compared to 2005, the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association (AMTD) report. Year-to-date total has reached more than $1.1 billion. Although the $255.13 million April figure is down 27.7% from the March level, performance is up 6.8% over the $238.85 reached in April a year ago.

‘While April orders were below the very strong level in March, year-to-date results are up over 18%, continuing the growth begun almost three years ago,’ said John B. Byrd III, AMT President. ‘This September’s International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 6-13 in Chicago, is likely to accelerate that growth as customers review the newest in manufacturing equipment.’

The figures are derived from information provided by companies participating in the United States Machine Tool Consumption program. The report is compiled by the AMT and AMTD, which represent the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, and provides data of domestic and imported machine tools and related equipment. Analysis of machine tool consumption is considered a reliable leading economic indicator as manufacturing industries invest in capital metalworking equipment to increase capacity and improve productivity.

U.S. machine tool consumption is also reported on a regional basis. Click here to view the geographical breakdowns.

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—Control Engineering Daily News Desk

Jeanine Katzel , senior editor