ProMat Video: Compact SCARA robots

The RH-3CRH and the RH-6CRH SCARA robots from Mitsubishi Electric offer improved safety functionality and come at a price-point aimed at smaller manufacturers.

By David Miller April 15, 2023

At Promat 2023, Patrick Varley, product marketing manager for robotics at Mitsubishi Electric, demonstrated a line of selective compliance articulated robot arm (SCARA) robots with enhanced safety features aimed at companies that have little previous experience with automation. The RH-3CRH and the RH-6CRH feature upgraded controllers with the goal of providing advanced safety functions and reducing startup and configuration time. According to Varley, the RH line is aimed at smaller manufacturers who may not be able to straddle the high CAPEX costs of other automation products.

See the full demonstration below: