Video Interview: Power quality 101 for manufacturers

Michael Lyda, technical supervisor at Advanced Energy, discusses the basics of power quality as it applies to manufacturing environments. See video.

By David Miller October 9, 2023

Power quality refers to the characteristics of an electrical power supply in terms of its stability, reliability and cleanliness, all of which directly impact the efficiency and performance of electrical equipment and devices. In an industrial setting, various factors can influence power quality including load changes, equipment cycling, large motors starting or stopping and more. In an exclusive interview with Control Engineering Michael Lyda, technical supervisor at Advanced Energy, discussed the ins-and-outs of common power quality concerns faced in manufacturing. Topics include:

  • What is power quality?

  • How does power quality impact manufacturing?

  • What are some ways to mitigate power quality issues in a facility?

  • Who should end-users contact when they have a power quality issue?