Where should the cloud connection take place?

As we look to the future and the IIoT, many system architecture and connectivity questions are emerging. Video: Darek Kominek considers where users might want to draw the line between local control and where the cloud connection happens.

By Peter Welander October 28, 2015

There are many concepts of what the industrial IoT (IIoT) might look like. Some consider pushing cloud connectivity down as far as individual sensors. Does this make sense? It might a facility is trying to minimize its capital investment and is working with a vendor to provide equipment or control functions as a service. That kind of notion may sound a bit far-fetched today, but it could be a common approach sooner than you think.

In a video interview at Honeywell User Group 2015, Darek Kominek, product director at MatrikonOPC, discusses some of the mechanical aspects of cloud connectivity and how it could change the way your plant operates.

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