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System Integration April 2, 2024

How automating, integrating brix monitoring changed a winery’s operations

A California winery successfully overcame manual sampling inefficiencies by implementing an IFM integration project, achieving fully automated in-tank brix monitoring.

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System Integration March 19, 2024

Tomato peeler system upgrade: Cutting downtime, boosting efficiency

An efficient PLC and SCADA upgrade successfully minimized downtime, reduced costs, and improved the operational control of a tomato peeler system, enhancing product quality and competitiveness for a food manufacturer.

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PLCs, PACs September 24, 2023

PLC, SCADA upgrades improve fermentation process for winery

A California winery needed to modernize the controls for their red fermentation process with a PLC and SCADA upgrade.

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Control Systems September 10, 2023

Improving flexibility, performance for carbon fiber manufacturer with control system upgrade

A carbon fiber manufacturer needed a control system upgrade that fulfilled specific requirements and adhered to a tight completion timeline.

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Project Management August 30, 2023

Benefits of upgrading legacy equipment for a water well expansion project

A system integrator was asked to upgrade legacy hardware and software for a water well expansion project. Learn how the PLC and HMI upgrades happened.

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PLCs, PACs November 2, 2022

PLC migration improves uptime for spice supplier

A spice ingredient supplier wanted to upgrade their programmable logic controller (PLC) system and migrate to a more Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-friendly platform.

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PLCs, PACs October 20, 2022

PLC migrations support efficiency for packaged goods company

A consumer packaged goods company had several programmable logic controllers (PLCs) upgraded to reduce potential disruptions.

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Project Management March 2, 2022

Conveyor system modernization increase efficiency, minimizes maintenance costs

A Northern California candy manufacturer’s upgraded their conveyor system, which reduced overall maintenance costs and improved efficiency.

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Project Management February 16, 2022

Project management methodology simplifies kombucha operation expansion

Boochcraft Brewery, a California-based specialty brewing company, expanding their operations to meet growing consumer demand for their kombucha product.

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