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Energy, Power April 20, 2022

Propulsion lab offers testing conditions for hypersonics, combustion

Purdue's High-Speed Propulsion Laboratory will feature testing capabilities for innovative research in rocket combustion and gas turbine engines.

By Brian Huchel
AI and Machine Learning August 31, 2021

Study finds manufacturers willing to implement data-driven and AI initiatives

A Purdue university survey found Indiana manufacturers are willing to use artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven initiatives to improve their facilities, but actually getting there remains a hurdle for many.

By Brian Huchel
Other Building Types August 12, 2021

Research building offers hypersonic testing, materials development

The planned 65,000-square-foot Hypersonic Applied Research Facility (HARF) will house two cutting-edge wind tunnels, enhancing Purdue’s capabilities in hypersonics evaluation and testing.

By Brian Huchel
Other Building Types October 27, 2020

Universities team up to improve hypersonics research and facilities

Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame are pairing their hypersonics research and facilities to improve the next generation of high-speed vehicles capable of flying beyond Mach 5.

By Brian Huchel
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