Chris Randles


Diagnostics, Asset Management June 1, 2006

As hair turns gray and brains drain…

Most American engineers are north of their 40s, and the U.S. is largely failing to replace these boomers as they retire. For better or worse, other parts of the world are picking up the slack: for example, more than 600,000 engineers graduated last year from Chinese higher education institutions vs. 70,000 in the U.

By Chris Randles
Workforce Development September 1, 2005

Can spreadsheets work for engineering?

Outside of engineering, the spreadsheet has evolved nicely in its 25 years from an accounting tool to an application for anyone working with data, including business managers, bookkeepers, and statisticians. But spreadsheets do little to capture the wealth of engineering data critical to an organization's success.

By Chris Randles