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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics September 25, 2007

A powerful strategy: HP grows green data centers

Energy consumption can represent up to 35 percent to 40 percent of data center operational costs. The issue has not been well understood because electricity costs often default to facilities budgets, not to the IT ledger.

By Cole Ollinger, contributing editor
PID, APC September 24, 2007

HP proves being green makes good business sense

From product and packaging design, to manufacturing and the supply chain, to recycling programs and marketing, HP uses green initiatives to cut costs and gain market share.

By Cole Ollinger, contributing editor
System Integration August 20, 2007

Solid reasons remain for manufacturing in Latin America, despite new Asian competitors

Mixed economic signals in multiple countries make Latin America a region that manufacturers may find tempting to invest in, but it's also one in which investments have to be watched closely.Source: United Nations Economic Commission on Latin America and the Caribbean

By Cole Ollinger, contributing editor
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