CoreTigo enables faster and more flexible manufacturing by providing high-performance machine digitalization, wireless connectivity, and edge-solutions for machine builders, industrial equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and manufacturing facilities. CoreTigo’s products enable the design and retrofit of machines and production lines that were not possible before. These solutions increase flexibility, adaptivity, and modularity, resulting in cost-effectiveness, increased productivity, and downtime reduction. Embraced by industrial leaders, CoreTigo’s solutions are based on the IO-Link Wireless global standard, which is fit for harsh factory environments and motion control applications, providing the most reliable wireless connectivity for millions of sensors, actuators and industrial devices worldwide. Our mission is to enable your machines and production lines to do more by breaking the limits of machine connectivity. We are making industrial automation wireless.


HMI, OI March 1, 2020

TigoBridge by CoreTigo 

CoreTigo’s TigoBridge connects a wired IO-Link device via IO-Link wireless to an IO-Link wireless master.CoreTigo provides an embedded version and an enclosed product version of the TigoBridge.

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Networking and Security July 31, 2020


TigoLeap is a software platform for industrial high-speed and synchronous collection and analysis of multi-source OT data. It revolutionizes the methodology of developing machines by providing the tools to visualize, store and share automation and testing related data. TigoLeap is designed to accommodate the needs of both manufacturers, application providers, and machine builders. TigoLeap is focused on performance improvement and machine optimization, which enables collection of all data types from the machine, root-cause analysis, machine tuning, adjustment of models/processes, and remote access.

Wireless August 1, 2020

IO-link wireless counter

TigoCounter is an IO-link wireless counter device which connects to a digital output and enables object counting capabilities along with transmission of the data wirelessly to an IO-link wireless master. It is used for a variety of industrial applications, such as object counting of products on a moving conveyor, motor rotation counting or power consumption metering.

Wireless August 1, 2021

Starter development kits for IO-link wireless environments

TigoStarter Development Kits include all the components that enable setting up a working IO-Link Wireless development environment. It enables getting acquainted with the IO-Link Wireless protocol and development of an IO-Link Wireless Device and/or IO-Link Wireless Master reference. The kit includes hardware components, software, APIs, sample code, documentation and remote support from our team of wireless experts.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules December 29, 2020

TigoMaster 1T SOM

TigoMaster 1T SOM is an embedded system-on-module for designing and building an IO-Link Wireless Master. It includes the IO-Link Wireless radio and physical components and CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Master software stack. TigoMaster 1T SOM has a single track and supports up to 8 IO-Link Wireless Devices simultaneously.

Wireless July 31, 2020

IO-link wireless master platform for industrial applications

TigoMaster 2TH is an industrial-grade IP67 IO-link wireless master platform. It has two IO-link wireless tracks, supporting up to 16 IO-link wireless devices simultaneously. The TigoMaster 2TH includes interfaces to a variety of industrial Ethernet protocols, such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT and OPC-UA.

Wireless February 28, 2021

TigoGateway 1TE

TigoGateway 1TE is an industrial-grade IP20 IO-Link Wireless Master with Edge Computing functionality. It supports up to 8 IO-Link Wireless Devices simultaneously and includes interfaces to a variety of Industrial Ethernet and IIoT protocols. The IO-Link Wireless connectivity enables to control sensors and actuators wirelessly, with low latency and high reliability, deterministic and scalable performance.

Wireless January 29, 2020

TigoAir LK1 SOM for IO-link wireless devices

TigoAir LK1 SOM is an embedded system-on-module for designing and building IO-Link wireless devices, such as industrial wireless sensors and actuators. The module includes the IO-Link Wireless radio and physical components along with CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless Device software stack. TigoAir LK1 SOM converts from IO-Link to IO-Link wireless over 2-3.3V UART, replacing the wired IO-Link PHY, thus enabling a smooth upgrade to IO-Link Wireless of devices originally designed with IO-Link ports. Typical applications include embedding the TigoAir LK1 SOM in grippers, vacuum pumps, valves, vibration sensors and load cells.

Wireless November 30, 2021

TigoHub i4 for wireless connectivity

TigoHub i4 is a Multiport I/O hub that enables IO-Link Wireless connectivity for IO-Link, digital and analog devices. Analog devices can be connected via TigoConverter. Up to 4 IO-Link devices or a combination of 6 IO-Link/DIO devices can be connected to the TigoHub and converted to IO-Link Wireless.

Wireless September 24, 2021

TigoBridge B1

TigoBridge B1 is an IO-Link Wireless Class B Bridge with an IP67 enclosure. It seamlessly and easily converts IO-Link devices to IO-Link Wireless. The TigoBridge houses an internal antenna and two M12 connectors for data and power.

Wireless August 14, 2020

IO-link device converter

The TigoConverter is a compact analog to IO-Link device converter that connects to a current (4mA to 20mA) or voltage (0-10VDC) source and outputs the value to IO-Link. The IO-Link wireless bridge/hub connects directly to the analog converter, enabling the measurements from the analog sensors to be communicated to the IO-Link wireless master over the air in the most reliable manner. This simplifies deployment and machine retrofit by seamlessly creating a wireless connection of analog devices, such as vibration sensors and load cells.

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