David McCarthy, TriCore Inc.


Project Management April 5, 2016

Managing automation upgrades, retrofits

From minor modifications to major overhauls, an automation system will significantly change during its lifecycle. Good planning, research, and following these guidelines can ensure a successful upgrade.

By David McCarthy, TriCore Inc.
Cybersecurity November 28, 2015

Migrating industrial networks

Sooner or later, that legacy plant-floor network must be upgraded. When that time comes, control engineers should use network migration best practices.

By David McCarthy, TriCore Inc.
Energy, Power April 18, 2015

Dealing with system integration issues

System integrators must satisfy the business requirements of their stakeholders while ensuring the technical integrity of the project. System integrators help with automation and control technologies, software, networking, as well as project management best practices, stakeholder engagement, and ensuring stakeholder expectations are aligned with business goals.

By David McCarthy, TriCore Inc.
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