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Industrial PCs December 1, 2001

Terminals connect people to processes with functionality, flexibility

In the 1955 movie, "The Ladykillers," Sir Alec Guinnes playing Professor Marcus, the leader of a gang of robbers posing as classical musicians, relates the line to his landlady Mrs. Wilberforce, played by Katie Johnson, "And didn't someone say, 'The eyes are the windows of the soul?'"I don't really know," answers Mrs.

By Dick Johnson, Senior Editor
Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 26, 2001

PAS acquires TuneWizard

Houston, Tex.-Plant Automation Services Inc. (PAS) announced Nov. 26 its acquisition of TuneWizard, a control valve and loop performance assessment and optimization software product, from ControlServe Ltd. (Cambridge, Ontario, Canda).

By Dick Johnson, Senior Editor
PID, APC March 1, 1999

Improving productivity of manufacturing assets

Expand production and add prodution flexibility at little or no capital cost—Is this too much of process engineers to ask of existing facilities? Not according to the software specialists at Pavilion Technologies Inc. (Austin, Tex.).Pavilion's Production Chain Optimization (PCO) software is said to yield profit improvements in manufacturing plants that approach or exceed the impact ...

By Dick Johnson, Senior Editor
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