Dirk Sweigart

Dirk Sweigart is the MES solutions manager at Applied Control Engineering Inc. (ACE). He is responsible for the development and execution of manufacturing execution system (MES) projects for ACE. He also consults on information security (CISSP) for ACE clients. He is an experienced IT and systems project manager (PMP) with more than 35 years of experience planning and leading projects that develop manufacturing and business systems, lab automation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), MES and process control systems with many diverse manufacturing processes. Sweigart is a member of MESA (Cybersecurity Working Group), and a senior member of ISA. He also teaches SCADA and cybersecurity in the graduate program at Wilmington University.


Project Management June 7, 2023

Automating overall equipment effectiveness in a facility

OEE is a best practice method in measuring manufacturing productivity that measures availability, performance and quality.

By Dirk Sweigart
Courtesy: Applied Control Engineering Inc.
Cybersecurity December 22, 2021

Good cybersecurity requires IT/OT convergence

Bridging the gaps between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) can improve performance on the floor and reduce risks to operations.

By Dirk Sweigart
Cybersecurity June 13, 2021

Unlikely cybersecurity targets are a myth

There is no such thing as an unlikely cybersecurity target and those who believe so are the most vulnerable to a potential attack.

By Dirk Sweigart
Cybersecurity June 6, 2021

Disconnected cybersecurity systems are a myth

In today's modern manufacturing environment, there is no such thing as a "disconnected" system from cybersecurity, and believing systems that are among the most vulnerable.

By Dirk Sweigart
Cybersecurity May 11, 2017

Benefits of two-factor authentication for manufacturing companies

Two-factor authentication can provide manufacturers with an extra layer of security, but the process should not be cumbersome or time-consuming if a user's identity needs to be established quickly.

By Dirk Sweigart
Cybersecurity January 29, 2017

Bridge the IT, OT gap by bringing IT into acceptance testing

Cybersecurity should be part of an industrial control system (ICS) or manufacturing application's acceptance test and information technology (IT) resources should be involved to help ensure a successful implementation.

By Dirk Sweigart
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