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Eric Reiner

Eric Reiner, IPC Product Specialist, Beckhoff Automation.


Energy Efficiency June 2, 2020

Uninterruptible power supplies reduce machine downtime

While UPS technologies are no longer optional in critical machine designs, engineers should still have options to select the best device for brownfield or greenfield applications.

By Eric Reiner
Industrial PCs January 13, 2020

Many-core technology fills in the blanks for advanced machine control

Cover Story: As machines incorporate more complex components and software, many-core industrial PCs (IPCs) offer the processing and core isolation capabilities to realize smart factory and Industry 4.0 concepts. How many cores do certain applications need?

By Eric Reiner
HMI, OI June 4, 2019

Scalable and modular HMI options support many industry applications

Flexible human-machine interface (HMI) solutions maintain the advanced functionality of modern hardware while adapting to the needs of each application.

By Eric Reiner
Industrial PCs March 6, 2019

Hardware capabilities impact edge computing success

Industrial PCs offer a range of processing capabilities, form factors, and certifications that engineers must consider when implementing edge computing strategies in new applications or legacy systems.

By Eric Reiner
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