Gregg Le Blanc, principal, F5Direct


Workforce Development June 1, 2008

Business advisory: Know SaaS issues before they impact operations

Uncovering the benefits of Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, requires understanding the terms and technologies involved so everyone can ask the right questions. Corporate IT, discrete manufacturing, and continuous process operations all have unique considerations when it comes to deciding when and how to adopt SaaS applications, or move into the service-based world.

By Gregg Le Blanc, principal, F5Direct
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics April 1, 2008

Why SaaS-based ERP means putting your head in the clouds

Enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems are important because they integrate, automate, and create processes that capture—and fundamentally change—how business works. ERP systems therefore require special care and feeding. Just implementing an ERP system can uncover a wealth of new, unplanned work for everyone.

By Gregg Le Blanc, principal, F5Direct
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