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Industrial PCs November 15, 2023

Benefits and characteristics of panel PCs for manufacturers

Panel PCs are often used to run HMI and SCADA software and are a key aspect of many manufacturing industries.

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DCS, SCADA, Controllers May 17, 2023

Integrating SQL databases and SCADA to maximize efficiency and reliability

Structured query language (SQL) can help SCADA software users improve their connectivity and ability to send and receive data.

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System Integration February 23, 2023

Improving asset, materials management with ERP system

A materials science company contracted a system integrator to help them develop and implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as well as a manufacturing execution system (MES) that could work together and improve operations.

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DCS, SCADA, Controllers November 29, 2022

Developing a sustainable SCADA solution for global agribusiness

A global agribusiness developed a sustainable supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for their company.

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Digital Transformation November 14, 2022

Digital transformation’s importance for manufacturers

Digital transformation is when a business or organization adopts and applies computer-based technology to improve a process.

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Workforce Development January 4, 2022

Companies aiding engineering education

Inductive Automation’s University Engagement Program helps improve student skills, assist educational institutions and enhance the talent pool for employers.

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DCS, SCADA, Controllers February 12, 2018

Embedded software program for device manufacturers announced

Inductive Automation announced the creation of its Ignition Onboard program, which involves device manufacturers embedding Ignition and Ignition Edge software in the devices they manufacture.

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Cybersecurity October 18, 2016

Industrial application platform for SCADA packages

Inductive Automation's Ignition v7.9 is designed to improve security, performance, and ease of use for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) packages.

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DCS, SCADA, Controllers September 23, 2015

SCADA enterprise software receives upgrade

Ignition v7.8 SCADA enterprise software by Inductive Automation has added modules and features desgined to make make connecting, managing, and analyzing industrial data easier as well as control multiple gateways from one machine.

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