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Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 4, 2014

Separating good code from bad: The “paper-and-pencil” method

As the digital age continues to grow, the automation industry keeps up with upgrading or replacing control systems. When migrating, try the simple paper-and-pencil method to help identify programming issues.

By Jeff Monforton
HMI, OI March 18, 2014

Operator interface graphics 101

Graphics on an operator interface can range from very simple to extremely complex, so when creating them there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

By Jeff Monforton
Info Management December 17, 2013

Good vs. poor documentation: Don’t be ‘that guy’

A well organized and well documented system, complete with commentary within your code, can only help you and your fellow developers and programmers.

By Jeff Monforton
Mechatronics and Motion Control July 1, 2013

Understanding state-full programming methods

A straightforward approach that enforces discipline with preparation, planning, and documenting.

By Jeff Monforton
Control Systems January 8, 2013

Encapsulated data in automation programming

Using an element of object oriented programming can keep data organized and simplify writing code.

By Jeff Monforton
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