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Marcia Gadbois and Chuck Kelley

Marcia Gadbois is the president and general manager of ADISRA. Marcia is an entrepreneur who has grown a start-up from inception to a successful liquidity event. Prior to joining ADISRA, Marcia was the President of InduSoft, which was acquired by Invensys. She holds a BS in Management Information System and Computer Science from Bowling Green State University and an Executive MBA from University of New Hampshire. Chuck Kelley is chief data officer for ADISRA. Chuck is an internationally known expert in data technology. He has over 40 years of experience in the design and implementation of operational/production systems, operational data stores, and data warehouses/data lakes. Mr. Kelley has co-authored or contributed to four books on data warehouses.


HMI, OI June 10, 2020

Create value from data: Using HMIs as intelligent edge devices

Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are evolving beyond basic visualization devices to become edge-located, data handling, and analytical powerhouses. See 5 modern HMI attributes.

By Marcia Gadbois and Chuck Kelley
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