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IIoT, Industrie 4.0 July 1, 2006

Strong spring ’06

Through spring things were looking decidedly green for automation and control companies. In 1Q06, the Control Engineering share price index gained 18%, very healthy performance compared to the 4% gain for the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial averages. This strength continued into April and May, with the index advancing another 5% on positive economic and corporate earnings news.

By Mark Koznarek
PLCs, PACs April 1, 2006

A&C shares up nicely, 4Q05

The Control Engineering share price index notched an impressive performance during 4Q, up 6% on average. Even more impressive has been the continuation of gains so far in 2006—up 12% more through mid-February. This portfolio of Automation/Control components companies handily outpaced the S&P500, which gained about 5% during the past 4.

By Mark Koznarek
Process Instrumentation and Sensors December 1, 2005

Hurricanes don’t derail performance

The pivotal point of the third quarter 2005 was the damage wrought by Gulf Coast hurricanes—Katrina, Rita, and Wilma—and the resilience of domestic consumer and manufacturing economies to absorb these shocks and keep moving forward. At last count, damages are forecast to exceed $150 billion, and between insurance recoveries and the federal government's initial pledge of $62 billion,...

By Mark Koznarek
Mechatronics and Motion Control September 1, 2005

No vacation for control stocks

Second-quarter 2005 stock price performance for control and automation sector companies showed an overall flat performance through June, but look closer, and you'll see things were anything but quiet. Within the group, Badger Meter rallied ferociously following a strong 1Q earnings release in April. Through June 30, BMI is up 56% and in July rose another 25%.

By Mark Koznarek
PID, APC June 1, 2005

Temporary slowdown

Following the sharp fourth-quarter 2004 increase of the Control Engineering composite share price index, the group's valuation reversed course in the first-quarter of 2005, with an average share price decline of 3%. This negative momentum continued in April with a 4% drop. While there have been a few scattered signs of a "soft patch" in the manufacturing sector, trends are still broadly positive.

By Mark Koznarek
Diagnostics, Asset Management March 1, 2005

Automation, control heat up

A collection of indicators used to judge the health of the automation and control marketplace provided a decidedly warm glow this winter. Consider capital spending activity—the most important driver for overall automation and control investment. With equipment investment up 15% in 4Q and 14% for all of 2004, the U.

By Mark Koznarek
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