Mark T. Hoske and Amanda McLeman

Mark T. Hoske is Control Engineering content manager. Amanda McLeman is the director of research and awards programs for CFE Media and Technology.


AI and Machine Learning February 1, 2024

Research: What are obstacles, advice for integrating AI, industrial automation?

More than half of respondents were challenged when trying to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial automation, according to Control Engineering and Plant Engineering research. See advice.

By Mark T. Hoske and Amanda McLeman
Workforce Development May 15, 2023

Engineering-related skills, automation technologies to get ahead in 2023

Advice from the 2023 Control Engineering Career and Salary Survey included answers to artificial intelligent questions suggested by ChatGPT. Human answers provided automation-related skills and technologies needed to advance in automation, controls and instrumentation.

By Mark T. Hoske and Amanda McLeman
Courtesy: Control Engineering
Research May 7, 2023

Control Engineering research: Edge computing, AI

Control processes, SCADA and HMI are leading applications for edge computing; enhancing control capabilities is a common use of artificial intelligence.

By Mark T. Hoske and Amanda McLeman
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