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IIoT, Industrie 4.0 August 1, 1998

Recommended standards make the web more accessible

The Internet, particularly the World Wide Web, has given people access to all kinds of information. Seems like web graphics get flashier and become a bigger part of a web site's presentation every day. It's a tool that makes it easy and enjoyable to surf from page to page to find information.Now imagine if you couldn't even see the graphics, the links, the text, or anything else.

By Matt Bellm
Workforce Development July 1, 1998

Translate web-based info

The World Wide Web connects computers from around the planet for sharing information. With web technology, a person in one corner of the world can access a page hosted on a server on the opposite side of the globe. But will that person be able to read the page?While the web is global in scale, most of its content is in English.

By Matt Bellm
Manufacturing IT, MES June 1, 1998

Manufacturers aren’t all flocking to the web

In spite of the Internet boom of recent years, many companies are still holding out. For whatever reason, they just don't believe there is benefit in being on the web.USA Today recently reported that, according to studies by PC chipmaker Intel (Santa Clara, Calif.), "fewer than five percent of the more than seven million U.

By Matt Bellm
Manufacturing IT, MES April 1, 1998

Virtual Private Networks simplify communications

One of the latest trends in corporate networking and supply-chain strategies is the virtual private network (VPN). As the name suggests, a VPN is not a truly private corporate network, but an alternative to a traditional wide-area network (WAN).One advantage of VPNs is companies are able to reduce network maintenance costs by using the Internet and Internet Protocol to connect locations i...

By Matt Bellm
Manufacturing IT, MES February 1, 1998

A New Look for Control Engineering Online; Advice on Viruses and Hoaxes

Control Engineering's web site at has a new look. Users will find more information directly accessible from the home page. Getting around CE's page is now easier, with navigation links at the left of every screen and no more scrolling. Control Engineering Online also provides links to Manufacturing Marketplace's home page, product directory, search engine, other mag...

By Matt Bellm
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 1998

Having a Hard Time Finding Good Information on the Web? Try Usenet

Usenet is a world-wide threaded messaging network, developed by graduate students at Duke University in 1979, where users interact on a variety of subjects. Initially developed using three small servers to share research information, Usenet is now the largest decentralized information resource in the world.

By Matt Bellm
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