Matt Prellwitz, drive technology application specialist, Beckhoff Automation. Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation

Matt Prellwitz

Matt Prellwitz is drive technology product manager at Beckhoff Automation LLC.


Energy Efficiency January 31, 2024

How energy-efficient motion control supports profitable machines and plants

End users and machine builders must find common ground to implement more efficient actuation technology and go green in many ways.

By Matt Prellwitz
Mechatronics and Motion Control June 11, 2019

CNC technology developments help engineers cut corners in all the right ways

Cover Story: Automation technologies continue convergence across platforms and computer numerical control (CNC) technology advances, along with faster control hardware and software, allow engineers to complete more accurate cuts in less time.

By Matt Prellwitz
Motors and Drives April 10, 2019

Efficient motion system engineering reduces servomotor costs

Configuration using PC-based control software, EtherCAT networks, integrated drives, and one-cable technology (OCT) simplify motion control system design and reduce servomotor costs.

By Matt Prellwitz
Motors and Drives November 12, 2018

How to manage multi-vendor motion control architectures

Manufacturers and machine builders may be required to match motors and drives from different brands; careful design considerations can yield successful applications.

By Matt Prellwitz
Discrete Manufacturing February 6, 2017

Software helps size, select motors

Software can help engineers select the right motor regardless of application and be useful for new and seasoned engineers alike. But understanding how the facility’s environment will affect motion system requirements remains crucial in selecting the right motor.

By Matt Prellwitz
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