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Workforce Development March 9, 2018

Task force on the future of the workplace launched

MIT launched its task force on the Work of the Future, an Institute-wide effort to understand and shape the evolution of jobs during an age of innovation that addressing the social and human implications of technology and examines how people design, innovate, and take their ideas to market.

By Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office
Workforce Development February 4, 2018

University launches institute-wide initiative for human and machine intelligence research

Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT's) Intelligence Quest—MIT IQ—is designed encourage researchers to investigate the societal implications of their work and advance the science and engineering of human and machine intelligence.

By Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office
Workforce Development June 27, 2016

Study examines why women leave engineering

A sociological study by MIT found that group dynamics of teamwork and internships deter many women from further pursuing a career in engineering.

By Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office
Process Safety October 22, 2015

Robotic vehicles are not the highest form of auto technology, MIT professor says

David Mindell, an MIT professor, argues against the idea of fully automated cars and vehicles in a book titled Our Robots, Ourselves, and says that while technology advances are good, it is a fallacy to believe that artificial intelligence advances for driverless vehicles will make the roads inherently safer.

By Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office
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