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Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics October 14, 2022

Grant awarded to explore cloud and edge computing’s future

University of Missouri researchers received a $600,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to explore cloud and edge computing's future.

By University of Missouri
A new way to make semiconductors:Topology (A) and phase (B) imagery of the functionalized zone after zinc oxide atomic layer deposition. Courtesy: University of Missouri
Discrete Manufacturing September 9, 2022

Method developed to make semiconductors smart, compact

Mizzou Engineers have come up with a novel new technique to design semiconductors not only smart, but also compact.

By University of Missouri
Courtesy: University of Missouri
Workforce Development May 22, 2022

Engineering camp created for high school students

University of Missouri's inaugural Fluid Dynamics Learning Opportunities Camp included tours of state-of-the-art heat transfer and fluid mechanics labs, presentations and introductions to student organizations.

By University of Missouri
Courtesy: University of Missouri
Sensors, Vision May 15, 2022

Turning 3D images into 360-degree models

A Mizzou Engineering team has devised a new way to turn single panoramic images into 3D models with a system called OmniFusion.

By University of Missouri
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