About David A. Chappell

About David A. Chappell, blogger for Standard profits: Make2Pack and ISA88

David A. Chappell, blogger for Standard profits: Make2Pack and ISA88, is chair of the Make2Pack ISA88 Part 5 standards development effort, with Complete Manufacturing Automation Associates – LLC, and retired Proctor & Gamble section manager for batch technologies.

Chappell retired from Procter & Gamble in 2007 after 28 years of service and is continuing his professional career as an independent consultant through his company; Complete Manufacturing Automation Associates LLC and continuing efforts in the world of manufacturing standards. He is a member of P&G's prestigious PRISM Society (Professional Recognition for Individual Sustained Mastery). Chappell's PRISM membership was in recognition of his batch automation developments for P&G and the industry. 

He is a charter member of the ISA SP88 committee which had its first exploratory meeting in Cincinnati in 1988. Chappell has continuously contributed to the development of the S88 series of standards and is currently leading the SP88 Part 5 Make2Pack effort serving as its chairman. Chappell has also been involved with the WBF (The Forum for Automation and Manufacturing Professionals) since its inception serving in many ways including as an officer and Board Member.

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