DCS, SCADA, Controllers
DCS, SCADA, Controllers February 1, 2018

Control Engineering hot topics, January 2018

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in January 2018 included stories about PID controllers, modular control systems, control and instrumentation results, 2018 technology trends, and VFD management. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
DCS, SCADA, Controllers January 9, 2018

Hot topics in Control Engineering for 2017

Think Again: Control Engineering readers choose hot topics of 2017 based on online traffic at the automation industry website. What can you learn from these top Control Engineering articles of 2017? Also see the top three covers of 2017.

By Mark T. Hoske
DCS, SCADA, Controllers October 25, 2017

The growing need for ICS cybersecurity

A company's potential for being hacked is growing and companies need to take steps to protect their industrial control system (ICS), which requires taking a long look at all aspects of a facility and identifying what is most vulnerable.

By Eli Jenkins, Cross Company
DCS, SCADA, Controllers October 2, 2017

Distributed controls, smart IO

With processing power increasing, controllers tucked in input/output (I/O) communication blocks make distributed controls easier than ever. With the increased controller capabilities, higher speed/more open communication protocols and more powerful, lower cost microprocessors, more distributed and autonomous systems seems likely.

By Frank Lamb, Automation Consulting LLC
DCS, SCADA, Controllers October 1, 2017

Three reasons to upgrade SCADA software

SCADA systems are rapidly advancing and companies should consider upgrading their software whenever possible because it will increase interactivity, planning, and communication within a company and improve the overall return on investment (ROI).

By Allan Evora
DCS, SCADA, Controllers August 18, 2017

Cybersecurity for pipelines, other SCADA systems

It’s critical to stay up-to-date with cybersecurity measures to improve defenses against cyberattacks.

By Kevin Finnan, Jeff Melrose
DCS, SCADA, Controllers July 5, 2017

Ignition software support with integration module

The Seeq integration module simplifies integration of Seeq Workbench into ignition displays and server gateways.

By Seeq
DCS, SCADA, Controllers June 21, 2017

Real-time SCADA solution for OT, IT applications

Honeywell Process Solutions' (HPS) Experion Elevate is a real-time process supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution delivered as a secure and scalable service.

By Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS)
Oil refineries and other process plants rely on control systems that must operate at peak performance. Courtesy: Emerson
DCS, SCADA, Controllers May 2, 2017

Four things to remember about DCS migration

Whether it’s a refinery, chemical plant, or other process-related facility, the primary control system must operate efficiently, safely, and economically. If it doesn’t, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

By Jack Smith
DCS, SCADA, Controllers April 13, 2017

In case you didn’t notice: DCS and automation upgrade examples

The April issue of AppliedAutomation focuses on DCS modernization, automation methods used in a distillery, and updating hardware and software for an automated mobile warehouse.

By Jack Smith