VTScada 12.1

VTScada by Trihedral June 20, 2022

THE INDUSTRY’S MOST POWERFUL SCADA SOFTWARE™ – This award-winning process control platform powers some of the largest plant, telemetry, and hosted systems in the world while making high-uptime practical for even the smallest applications.

FOR MULTI-MILLION I/O SYSTEMS – Integrated architecture and steady-state reactive programming language allow VTScada to drive massive systems while providing smaller users with the power to get the job done with the hardware they can afford.

BUILT TO SCALE INDEFINITELY – VTScada provides a simple forward migration path no matter how old your application. Since Trihedral designs and maintains all its own core components, critical features like drivers, reports, historian, trends, alarms, alarm notifications, version control, and remote access will always work together seamlessly, unlike third-party components held together with custom code.

UNPARALLELED SUPPORT – Our in-house support team provides the kind of personal, resourceful, and accessible assistance that you might assume doesn’t exist anymore. The price of our optional support renewals never increases while your support remains current. No surprises down the road.

TRUSTED AROUND THE WORLD – In addition to water & wastewater, VTScada is also used worldwide in industries including oil & gas, tank farm monitoring, power generation, manufacturing, agriculture, airport systems, broadcasting, manufacturing, flood control, power transmission & distribution, and food & beverage.

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