Discrete Manufacturing

Magnetic grippers grasp utilizing magnetism. Courtesy: Magswitch
Discrete Manufacturing December 6, 2019

Five ideal robotic gripper features

Cover Story: The ideal robotic gripper should be flexible for multiple applications and easy to use. Manufacturers should also choose robotic grippers that can help with their long-term data needs.

By Michael Guelker
Figure 1: Data acquisition network connections. Courtesy: Maverick Technologies
Discrete Manufacturing November 26, 2019

Eight data acquisition best practices

To discover which real-time data adds value to improve operational efficiencies and increase competitive edge in the marketplace, first understand data acquisition systems and consider the eight essential best practices for data acquisition success

By Brian E. Bolton
University of Wisconsin assistant professor Xiangru Xu believes the trend of autonomous systems will continue growing rapidly. Courtesy: University of Wisconsin
Mechatronics December 6, 2019

Researchers making autonomous systems safer for challenging applications

A researcher at the University of Wisconsin is developing better control algorithms for autonomous systems that provide safety guarantees while maintaining those systems’ performance.

By Adam Malecek
Even a basic cable type, such as flexible portable cords, come with numerous jacket type rating, conductor count, and conductor gauge options. AutomationDirect is offering $0.00 cut charges, same-day shipping, and free shipping on orders over a small minimum to encourage cut-to-length cable adoption. Courtesy: AutomationDirect
Machine Safety December 3, 2019

How to specify cut-to-length cable

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), end users, and system integrators seeking to improve manufacturing and fabrication flexibility can purchase cut-to-length cables to save time and money.

By Jim Krebs
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology, EASA
Motors, Drives December 5, 2019

Your questions answered: Right-sizing pumps with variable speed drives

Webcast presenter Eugene Vogel answered questions on variable speed drives (VSDs), variable frequency drives (VFDs), and their value for manufacturers.

By Eugene Vogel
A machine vision project can be successful by defining expectations, basing a selection on needs and conducting a proof-of-concept. Courtesy: MartinCSI
Sensors, Vision November 29, 2019

3 steps to a successful machine vision project

Machine vision can add to a project’s quality and throughput. Heed these three ways to help a vision project succeed.

By Ian Visintine
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Robotics December 7, 2019

Algorithm developed to train AI to avoid bad behaviors

A team led by researchers at Stanford and the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed an algorithm that could help robots, self-driving cars and other intelligent machines safeguard against undesirable outcomes like racial and gender bias.

By Tom Abate