Discrete Manufacturing
Figure 2: Ladder logic programming example; LL is the most commonly used PLC programing, most closely resembling circuit diagrams used for relays. Courtesy: Frank Lamb, Automation Primer
Discrete Manufacturing July 8, 2019

Other PLC programming languages

Ladder logic is commonly used in the U.S. for programmable logic controllers (PLCs), but other languages are better suited for some programming applications. See sample PLC code in five languages.

By Frank Lamb
A digital platform for process control networks can improve workflow efficiencies and operator effectiveness, among other benefits, as Chevron explained at Honeywell Users Group Americas 2019. Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing July 4, 2019

Digitalization advantages

Think Again: Major automation companies tout next-generation tools offering digitalization advantages, mobility and flexibility, for greater speed to higher profits.

By Mark T. Hoske
Specialist cleaning and polishing equipment complete the process. Courtesy: Sulzer
Mechatronics July 9, 2019

New technologies reducing lead times for spare parts

Digitalization and new manufacturing techniques have paved the way for a dramatic improvement in lead times.

By Daniela Haldenwang
Machine Safety
Users need to consider value, design flexibility, and potential modifications when choosing an enclosure for a manufacturing application. Courtesy: Rittal
Machine Safety July 3, 2019

Three considerations for selecting the right enclosure

Choosing the right enclosure goes beyond the basic design; users also need to consider value, design flexibility, and modifications to the plant floor.

By Steve Sullivan
Motors, Drives
Courtesy: CFE Media
Motors, Drives June 25, 2019

Motion control and motor market reports decline in first quarter of 2019

The Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) reported that the global motion control and motor market saw a very small decline in shipments in the first quarter of 2019 compared to 2018.

By Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA)
Sensors, Vision
Courtesy: CFE Media
Sensors, Vision July 14, 2019

Improving automated inspection in manufacturing

Machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) are making their way into production and manufacturing and improving inspection practices by making it automated.

A new MIT-invented system automatically designs and 3-D prints complex robotic actuators optimized according to an enormous number of specifications, such as appearance and flexibility. To demonstrate the system, the researchers fabricated floating water lilies with petals equipped with arrays of actuators and hinges that fold up in response to magnetic fields run through conductive fluids. Courtesy: Subramanian Sundaram, MIT
Robotics July 18, 2019

Automated system generates robotic actuators

MIT researchers have developed an automated system that designs and 3-D prints robotic actuators, which are optimized and automatically created, which is almost impossible for a human to do.

By Rob Matheson