ADA Compliance

March 15, 2022® has added improved web accessibility for people who are affected by a variety of impairments. By addressing these impairments with specific tools, the website has become the first in the industry to provide ADA compliant tools. Disabilities come in many forms including hearing, visual, mobility and cognitive impairments. EXAIR has removed many of the barriers associated with text, links, images, navigation, forms, video and audio by providing tools like high contrast visuals, ability to read the website aloud, and allowing navigation via a keyboard, among many other tools. These utilities are available by clicking the accessibility menu icon (bottom left corner of site).  With the addition of the ADA compliance widget, is assured to maintain compliance with WCAG 2.1 level AA success criteria. This feature will scan and offer remediation instructions if there are non-compliant elements of the website, including the downloadable .pdf files or specific areas within those files which need to be modified to reach compliance. EXAIR will remain committed to remediating ADA compliance issues and we now have a powerful tool to aid our efforts of inclusivity.

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