Additional Fuji Command Series Pilot Devices

AutomationDirect September 28, 2022

Additional Fuji Command Series Pilot Devices from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added new Fuji Command series pushbuttons, switches, and indicators to expand their offering of quality Fuji Electric control and signal devices.  New round and rectangular 16mm pilot devices feature an integrated structure with built-in contacts to reduce control panel depth. Their thin-type profile with only 2mm of panel protrusion facilitates high-density mounting and attractive panel designs. New Fuji 19mm (mounting dimension) IP65-rated knob and key selector switches provide up to three switch positions with maintained or spring return action. Additional Fuji Emergency Stop pushbuttons include 16mm, 22mm, and 30mm barrel sizes and up to a 65mm operator. These IP65-rated E-Stops are push-to-lock with mushroom heads, providing normally open and/or normally closed contacts with select models offering lock-out/tag-out capability and LED illumination. New Fuji Command series pilot devices are UL recognized, CSA approved, CE marked, RoHS compliant, come with a 1-year warranty and start at $12.00.

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