Process Manufacturing

Courtesy: ABB news release
Process Manufacturing November 11, 2022

A new future for process control systems

Industrial control systems need to change and future process automation systems need to deliver on these new expectations.

By Johan Björklund
Process Manufacturing November 7, 2022

Leveraging the OT edge to navigate process manufacturing

As plants adjust to meet the realities of a new global marketplace, an evolving control system with secure operational technology (OT) edge technologies will help lead the way.

By Claudio Fayad
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Data Acquisition August 24, 2022

Data as the basis for industrial digitalization

Data and networking between machines will lead to new business models and services and industrial owner/operators of all sizes can participate.

By Jan Kiehne
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Simulators, Optimizers October 12, 2022

How digital twins speed up the manufacturing process

Digital twins, buoyed by enhancements in CAD and CNC, is making them realistic and vital in many manufacturing applications.

By Anna Liza Montenegro
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Diagnostics, Asset Management October 11, 2022

Process diagnostics benefits for manufacturers

Process control equipment advances are making life easier for plant operators and maintenance technicians.

By Greg Wainhouse
Process Safety October 3, 2022

Key strategies for improving alarm design and management

Coupling strategic engineering techniques with integrated management software helps unlock best-in-class alarm solutions. See five rules of alarm relevancy, three examples.

By Asad Malik and David Lee
Sensors, Actuators October 18, 2022

Engineers develop shape-memory material for actuators

MIT researchers have developed a ceramic-based material that could be used for highly efficient actuators for aircraft or other uses, with minimal moving parts.

By David L. Chandler